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Aire de Camping Cars at Calais

The aire de camping cars at Calais is by Bleriot Plage, a very short drive from the ferry port. Set directly by the port exit, there are shipping movements all day and all night, so the low rumble of ferry engines will be your constant companion if overnighting here. Unlike many French aires, it isn't free - the 2008 price is 7 Euros per night. This can be paid at the municipal campsite next door. If you arrive after 10pm, just park up and pay the following day. This has to be one of the least appealing parkups I have used. For a quieter - and free - alternative the HGV parking area nearby is worth considering. Its co-ordinates are 50.96107, 1.84563. Turn left before the swing bridge across the entrance to the Bassin Ouest.

Aire de Camping Cars by Calais ferry terminal

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